*LOVE* JazzVox?


Why do we need support from Awesome people like you?

You know how amazing these artists are – your concert donation pays for their performance. Some of you have been so generous to help with donating extra to provide airfare, etc… Amazing!

How can you help?

Donations can be made via PayPal (see below) or via check (email Nich for mailing address).

Yearly donation levels:

Jazzoids: $1,000+
Fanatics: $500+
Fans: $300+
Friends: $100+
Supporters: $50+
Helpers: $25+

What do I get for my generous donation?

Well obviously my undying appreciation…but also:
You’ll see national artists continue to populate the JazzVox line-up
Your name will be listed on the website (see below)

Can I claim my donation on my taxes?

Unfortunately, we are currently not a 501(c)(3). I might be interested in going that route in the future – if you have experience in setting up a 501(c)(3), please contact Nich.

LOVE JazzVox but can’t afford to make a donation right now?

Not all donations are in the form of money…
Do you have airmiles?
Come to as many concerts as you can and spread the word.
Kudos also go a long way – leave a comment on the website when we’re doing a great job.


JazzVox Current Supporters:

(Donations made Jan 2018-Dec 2018)

Jazzoids: $1,000+
Mike Spiz & Alyssa Hays (host food costs of 2018 donated)
David & Joyce Veterane (host food costs of 2018 donated)

Fanatics: $500+

Fans: $300+
Paul & Dawn Meikeljohn

Friends: $100+

Supporters: $50+

Helpers: $25+

Special “Forever” Thank Yous from Nich:

Craig Baker, Matt Miner, Cathy Segal-Garcia, Ernie Shelton
Mary Jo Strickland and Joan Merrill for your inspiration to start this series…

My partner Steve Pedersen, the cats and the neighbors…

Amandah Jantzen for the great piano (Auburn venue)…

Libby Graham for your great articles and constant support through attendance…

Ziggy Spiz for your creative eye and fantastic photography…

All the Amazing hosts for letting us into your homes, providing such amazing food and obviously subsidizing the food bill – you’re all such wonderful hosts and human beings!

The artists for sharing their amazing talents at affordable rates… AND…

YOU for filling the seats so that we can continue offering concerts for you to enjoy!