JazzVox Madrona

The lovely home of:
Mike Spiz & Alyssa Hays
1723 31st Ave
Seattle, WA  98122

*** PLEASE make sure if you are using a GPS / Mapping application that
it doesn’t add N or S to the address or you will end up somewhere different.

This location is not too far South of where Madison St meets MLK
about 2 miles East of downtown Seattle

Sometimes (depending on weather) it’s Shoes off at the door please – slippers ok.
Showtimes can vary – check the website.
Doors open a hour before the music begins. Food is served shortly after doors open (before the concert).
First come/first served seating.
Music is usually about 90-120 mins with a 15-20 min intermission.

There are no physical tickets. Those who have a reservation will be added to the guest list.
Wine and other beverages are provided, however if you have a bottle of wine you would like to bring
to drink and share, please feel free to bring it.
No video or flash photography please (non-flash photography please try to limit to the first 2 songs of each set then let’s put those phones/cameras away and focus on an intimate concert.
Please avoid heavily fragrant perfumes / lotions as many people in small spaces can cause for olfactory discomfort.

General JazzVox questions (also visit the About page on the JazzVox.com website):
Nich Anderson: 206-963-2430 or jazz@jazzvox.com

Lost the night of the performance?
Nich Anderson: 206-963-2430
Mike Spiz: 425-772-2795