LIVESTREAM: Karrin Allyson Zoom Concert - Jan 9 - 6pm Eastern / 5pm Central / 3pm Pacific


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Karrin Allyson Concert on Zoom
w/ Lori Dokken!
Sunday, January 9th @ 6pm Eastern / 5pm Central / 3pm Pacific

KA-Zoom! January 9, 2022 !! And a HEALTHY & Happy New Year to you all.
Don’t get too down, because “You’ve Got a Friend” !! In Me, and in my special guest Lori Dokken for KA-Zoom!
Lori is a force; pianist, singer, composer, producer and Twin Cities musical heroine.
We’ll both play, sing and basically carry on together (with perhaps another special guest) — don’t miss this one!
5PM CENTRAL TIME (where we’ll be that day)

And, don’t forget the B&K Cafe on Jan 21st @ 6PMET “The Water Is Wide” songs of and about great rivers….

Thank you for your support of the music.
Love, Karrin


1) Timing: Making this series of Karrin Allyson concerts regular – let’s get them on your calendar and get the word out! KA fans rejoice!

2) Money: Artists… we should pay them! Money collected in advance via PayPal.
How much? $20 – They are worth it!

Nich Anderson will personally send you an email with the link likely in 24 hours (which may end up in your junk/spam folder). Email me if you don’t get that personal email (not PayPal’s receipt).

3) Technology? If you’ve never used Zoom that would like to do a test run just to answer any questions, etc… email me
Please… not the day of the concert.

4) Sharing is Caring: PLEASE share the opportunity, but… don’t give away the keys to the kingdom. In other words, let people know how to sign up and pay themselves but *don’t send them the actual Zoom link* to the show directly. Every home tuning in should be paying to earn the artists some $$.

5) Be ready for Imperfection: Technology… I expect glitches and of course the sound and video quality and connection for each performer will vary.

6) What to expect: These concerts should mostly to be about music so expect about 45 mins or so of actual music. Also it’s good for you to know going in… you’ll be on mute most of the entire time. Audio is for your host Nich and the performers only. Feel free to type in the Chat section (applause, song requests, questions, etc) which they may or may not see or respond to. I’m a typer so will be saying hello to you cuties during the performance.

7) Questions?

About Karrin:

“…hands-down one of the best vocalists in jazz, working at the very top of her game”
– Paul de Barros, Seattle Times

“She has an easy mastery of bebop, bossa nova, chanson and soft rock, to name four of the many styles in which she is comfortable.”
– Stephen Holden, New York Times

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