JazzVox Greenwood

The lovely home of:
Ziggy and Teresa Spiz
700 N 103rd St
Seattle, WA 98133

We are not allowed to park along the fence directly across the street from the entrance.
An excellent option is the Preschool (blue building) across the street, on west side of Fremont.
Plenty of parking and nobody is there on the weekend. At any rate, thanks for being flexible and
ready to move your car if you park somewhere else and we are asked to have it moved.

*Shoes off at the door please* – slippers ok.
Showtimes can vary – check the website.
Doors open a hour before the music begins. Food is served shortly after doors open (before the concert).
First come/first served seating.
Music is usually about 90-120 mins with a 15-20 min intermission.

There are no physical tickets. Those who have made a donation will be added to the guest list.
A small amount of each donation helps offset food/beverage costs – the rest goes to the musicians.
Wine and other beverages are provided, however if you have a bottle of wine you would like to bring
to drink and share, please feel free to bring it.
No video or flash photography please (non-flash photography please try to limit to the first 2 songs of each set then let’s put those phones/cameras away and focus on an intimate concert.
Please avoid heavily fragrant perfumes / lotions as many people in small spaces can cause olfactory discomfort.

General JazzVox questions (also visit the About page on the website):
Nich Anderson: 206-963-2430 or

Lost the night of the performance?
Nich Anderson: 206-963-2430
Ziggy Spiz: 425-772-2793